nelly the elephant
2005-03-06 03:10:09 ET

last 3 days:
traking through the jungle hills of the pai area, riding some elephants, giving all my plastic bracelets to local kids, partying with the hill-tribes, smoking opium (it's really ok here) and riding the river with bamboo rafts.

foot masage.

2005-03-06 03:11:38 ET

woop! nice work

2005-03-06 03:13:08 ET

fuck to foot massage. fuck yes to opium. that is all

2005-03-06 07:55:55 ET

smoking opium alekkkkk 0_0
you used to be such a nice straightedge boy

2005-03-06 10:37:41 ET

sounds like fun... hehehe, i miss opium...

2005-03-06 12:06:01 ET


who cares about foot massages and opium


you are a god among men.

2005-03-06 13:50:46 ET

true. :p

2005-03-06 17:13:13 ET

Haha amen to that

2005-03-07 19:56:39 ET

thank you thank you....
checks, cash and IOU's are to be sent to the "broke traveller foundation" working directly through my bank account:)
and when the hell was i a straight edge????
and the foot massage didnt go as planed... got stuck with like... 10B (around 1 cent). so i had dinner instead.

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