cut the pai
2005-03-09 03:14:01 ET

so i'm in the lil' northern village of pai, doing some yoga and shit and living in this beutiful tiny bongalow on the river bank... life cant get any better, beside the fact that i really miss home :(

2005-03-09 04:36:48 ET

ha. sweet.

2005-03-09 12:51:57 ET

You back in Thailand? Living in a hut? Man-o-man. You been walking the razor's edge like no bodies business!

2005-03-09 23:47:49 ET

razor edge? not unless you're talking about the one i bought at the 7-eleven yesterday.
and yhea, thailand rox. just got every bone in my body relocated by an old thai lady.

and indeed: nothing can put it more to words then "sweet". concidering the fact that i'm on a sticky rice and coconut milk diet:)

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