cutting FROM pai
2005-03-10 05:19:28 ET

so after a few days here i kindda realized all that peace and quiet isnt really for me... so i checked around, next full moon party in koh phangan is in the 23 or so, so i guess i'll be heading down there for a while. god i miss the booze buckets and the beach parties:)
will be nice to be somewhere farmiliar before i head back home.
so ahead of me:
4 hours bus ride to chiangmai
12 hours bus ride to bangkok
10 hours bus ride to sungritani
3 hours boat ride to koh phangan.

sleeping pills, anyone?:)

2005-03-10 14:08:28 ET


wait man
when are you coming back home? 0_0

2005-03-11 16:50:49 ET

no idea yet.
i'll be wiser after i'll head down to el-al's offices and reschedual my flight. and besides that... it's a surprise:)
you wont see me coming untill it would be too late! muaahahahahaha

2005-03-12 09:11:36 ET

but i was planning to pick you up from the airport and go straight to dixie :P

2005-03-12 19:45:30 ET

there will be many dixie fests upon my arrival, my child.
worry not.

2005-03-13 01:50:09 ET

dont forget to get me something ;)

2005-03-13 06:49:36 ET

oh, yhea.... gifts...

(shit... forgot about those:))

2005-03-13 08:09:48 ET

birthday coreeeee ;)
and crap
man I really need one of those 3 am smokes :)

2005-03-14 22:42:14 ET

be careful of what you wish for...
i wont be that easy to get rid off:)
yhea, yhea... the birthday core
i DO require MY bd gift, although its been 4 months ago.

2005-03-15 04:28:21 ET

I'll get you something decent ;)

how about a free pass to the new scenecore club :P?

2005-03-17 21:10:07 ET

there's a new scenecore club?
details. i'm sooooo out of the circle.
ammmmm... would southeast asian porn will do as a BD present?
or perheps a softcore version of "debby does dallas"?

2005-03-17 23:46:18 ET

there is for about a few months now
it's called "Cafe barzilay", and mainly all the parties that used to be the zofe and around (like infuse, breakz, techno, whatever) are there.
so I spend there about 16 hours a day :P

2005-03-18 19:31:30 ET

16 hours a day????
thats almost the amount of time i spend sleeping.
and you still hav'nt approved my BD gifts...

2005-03-19 15:43:35 ET

I always approve porn

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