"take this bottle....
2005-03-11 16:52:29 ET

... and get on the buuuuuuuuuus"
i'm inlightened: i'll never ride a bus sober again.

2005-03-12 11:18:06 ET


i heard you were coming back soon

come back!


2005-03-12 19:46:51 ET

who told you that?!?!?!:)
i might.

2005-03-13 09:30:23 ET

I heard Idan is coming back.

2005-03-14 22:43:49 ET

idan is coming back for a VISIT.
i hope i'll be able to catch up with him while he's still there.

2005-03-15 02:38:54 ET

aye, i hear yas.

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