and if rain brings winds of change...
2002-12-09 15:23:14 ET

well i sure hope so.
It rained hard tonight (in IL terms hehe)so i decided to rent a video with some friends and let them rade my fridge instead of going out. that was pretty much the comforting end of this semi-depressing day.
got up, went to cut off my "hair" (thats what you call that?), visited noa, went grocery shopping and spent some time with my kid brothers... but all day long, even in the better moments (thank you noa) i felt this kindda... void.
maybe its the gloomy weather. maybe its my lack of direction. maybe its my new found freedom that freaks me out.
anyway, i feel like im decaying twice as fast now.
and my foot hurts like hell.

whine, whine, whine....
*listening to: At the gates-slaughter of the soul*

2002-12-09 15:28:13 ET

It's still raining here!

2002-12-09 23:28:42 ET

"at the gates" ?! :P

you know, i woke up and read last night log. it does makes sense, but i don't know where did i get all this from. :)

2002-12-10 11:05:00 ET

Itay - Oh, I know all about the lack of direction/newfound freedom shit. Here's a quote off Generation X by Douglas Coupland:
MID TWENTIES BREAKDOWN: A period of mental collapse occuring in one's twenties, often caused by an inability to function outside of school or structured environments coupled with a realization of one's essential aloneness in the world. Often marks induction into the ritual of pharmeceutical usage.

(Do kindly note the last sentence ;) )

2002-12-10 11:06:07 ET


i don't EVER wanna turn 20.

2002-12-10 11:10:47 ET

No kiddin'.

Ariel (my friend, remember?) is turning 22 this weekend. 22 is officially old. Not a soldier, not a released-soldier, just, plain, old.

And I fear my time is not far away.. :(((

2002-12-10 11:13:11 ET

on the other hand dror teicher turned 27

2002-12-10 11:15:31 ET

Well, he's older than dirt. He remembers how Adam and Eve look like. He's met Nostradamus. To him "old fashioned" means ritual virgin sacrifices.

2002-12-10 11:30:03 ET


2002-12-10 11:33:51 ET

*cries* :))

2002-12-11 00:51:23 ET

shay- thanks... i know this quote from gen-x. used toread it alot back in highschool.and yes... im on the fast lane to become plain old too...

2002-12-11 00:53:20 ET

*sob!* let's all cry together.

2002-12-11 00:54:31 ET

and YES dror is so old ,he d.j'ed at fred and wilma's wedding party... industrial-ROCK... hehehe...
damn, another lame prehistoric joke.

2002-12-11 00:56:18 ET

crying wont help...
since we're old and stuff...
lets ripp off social security :)

2002-12-11 01:02:25 ET

*already at it* ;)

2002-12-11 02:22:47 ET

hmmm... I'm 22 already... so does this mean I'm old? oh sheise!

2002-12-11 04:30:42 ET

no, it means your dead.

2002-12-11 11:29:07 ET

למישהו יש סלט טונה?

2002-12-11 15:34:09 ET

טונה זה טעים!!!!

אבל יש פה צמחונים לירון לא יפה

2002-12-11 15:48:56 ET

fish killin' scum.

2002-12-12 00:32:39 ET

Liron, one day you're going to have to deal with your tuna fetish. It's getting out of hand.

2002-12-14 22:07:41 ET

tuna??>??? yack!

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