so anyway...
2002-12-12 08:11:33 ET

lots of weired shit happened since my last entry... well, not really. its kindda strange. when i think about it, it seems alot, but nothing important happened in the past few days.
so there it is...
1.drinking with some friends. fun.
2.driving back home. phone call. mom. "flat tire, im so helpless, come get me outta here,oh, did i mentioned how helpless and pathetic can i be sumtimes?". grrrrrr.
3.rescue mission. no screwdriver. offcourse im blamed for loosing it. frustration. noa came to give mental support. good thing she did it, cause i was this close to bash up the car with a crowbar. sleep.
4.awake. fix the car.sleep.
5.awake. traffic school. the strangest thing about traffic school is that you meet all those people you went to high-school with. i hate it. it always seems like they look at me and say: "hey... so.. you're like... still like THAT."
i really dont think i should start a conversation with someone just because we went to highschool together. its not like i'm anti-social or sumthin. its just that i really cant find the point for doing that.
6. going out to the Comma II with noa. boring. we left erly. sleep.
7. wake up. feeling like shit. one of my wisdom teeth is growing and my cheek and throut got all swallen and sore.
so i got myself high on some antibiotics and painkillers and slept whole day. saw my uncle, that happens to be a doctor, that gave me some really weird pills... yay!!!
maybe ill pick up noa later and we'll attend the usual thursday rock/metal thingie. hope ill feel better by then.
so if ur still reading that: whats wrong with you??? that entry was longer then my entire life story!!... hehehe.

listening to : =diewelt - Donna martin=
=this mortal coil - blood=

2002-12-12 09:55:28 ET

which drives me to the conclusion that you SLEEP TOO MUCH. ;)

2002-12-12 09:58:17 ET

i dont.
everyone else sleeps too little.

2002-12-12 09:58:22 ET

life in the day of you! hmmmm did you ever locate a screw driver?

2002-12-12 09:59:55 ET

i never did.
it is lost in the jungle that is the trunk.
what goes in will never see sunlight again.

2002-12-12 10:00:05 ET

like me

2002-12-12 10:02:47 ET

oh and nothing is wrong with me, well not seriously anyways, I just read really really fast.
OH and you know its kinda true about the sleep thing, the way society is run we do not go by our natural sleeping patterns.

2002-12-12 10:03:41 ET

what *are* out natural sleeping pattrens :)?

2002-12-12 10:09:27 ET

that we go forward in time as we sleep. There was a study done years ago involing persons to live in a cave with out ant time indicators such as clocks, this study went on for over a years if I remember correctly and it was found that we sleep in a pattern of going forward. Got to bed maybe an hour later and wake up an hour later. Do you get it?

2002-12-12 10:10:17 ET

16-18 hours of sleep.
including the traditional WINTER SLEEP!!!!
yhea.. the bears got a point there.

2002-12-12 10:13:17 ET

Actually you do need some good long hours of sleep ever once in awhile. Did you know that Penelope Cruz, sleeps over 12 hours each day.

2002-12-12 10:15:55 ET

penelope cruz is stoopeed. :)
um, i can manage with 4-3 hours of sleep per day

2002-12-12 10:25:48 ET

u, dear, are not really an example...
and that sleep pattern is oh so very unpractical...

2002-12-12 10:27:11 ET

why not?
i was at full function mode.
unlike now.

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