2002-12-14 15:49:25 ET

weekends get so dull lately. no. the correct word would be predictable. went to the kat-balu on thursday with noa and some friends to jump around to guitar sounds for a change. my best friend was d.jing at the metal floor, so i bugged him a bit and leeched his beer. fun fun fun.
i hate this entire friday the 13th concept. had my share of bad luck though: got a ticket from this dumbass traffic-cop, because my headlights were'nt even. gggggggggggggrrrr.
went to the lilinblum 25 again. have'nt been in an EBM party in a long time (3 weeks hehehe) and i actually had fun this time. got slightly drunk, wandered 'round the club and had some weired talks... and i missed noa's lesbo-scene. damnit. oh well.
i woke up today feeling really strange. it wasnt a hangover but i felt all floaty and stuff. must be all that medication... but it was kindda nice though. me and noa went to eat out, and then i dropped by my friend's house. listened to some old israeli alternative stuff and played "catch" with BBQ leftovers and dis-figured old dolls.

=listening to: christ analogue - in radiant decay=

2002-12-14 15:57:47 ET

predictable? i wish i had weekends like that...
sooo... tell me more about what you call "Noa's lesbo-scene" ;)

2002-12-14 16:05:38 ET

all i know is that i missed it... :)
oh well im not so fond of lesbo scenes anyway.

2002-12-15 00:46:17 ET

heh heh, damnit! I missed it too. Noa just came up to me on the dancefloor and said she and Aya got married and I missed one helluva lesbo scene. GRR. ;)

2002-12-15 03:29:50 ET

*choking herself to death with laugther*

hey, at least i got good taste. ^_^

2002-12-15 03:31:05 ET

i gotta hand it to you.

2002-12-15 03:32:00 ET


then again, like, ew.

2002-12-15 03:32:23 ET

Noa, explanations?

2002-12-15 03:35:51 ET

ok, so me and my friend Aya were sitting on the sofa, then we decided we should get married, and, uh, im not sure what happened after that. but she said itay could have her boyfriend.

2002-12-15 03:37:50 ET

she got great taste in girls.
unfortunally, she got horrible taste when it comes to men...

2002-12-15 03:38:24 ET

aw, shut up already :D

2002-12-15 03:41:51 ET

the link doesn't work... i have good taste in girls too, but my bf doesn't like me fooling around with girls...

2002-12-15 03:43:09 ET

uh...well..mmm....hey, so, uh, hows the weather then?

2002-12-15 03:44:37 ET

raining non stop... i was joking btw

2002-12-15 03:47:06 ET

lolllll... Heh heh heh. When we were together you'd fool around with girls too ..
Itay, I think you need to check this out..! ;)

2002-12-15 03:49:16 ET

there's nothing like girls... sorry guys... ;)

2002-12-15 03:50:33 ET

Hey, I don't know what you girls see in us anyway.

2002-12-15 03:54:51 ET

me neither... :)

2002-12-15 04:04:34 ET

if i were a girl, i would TOTALLY go lesbo.
girlz are soooo much more fun:)

2002-12-15 04:07:22 ET


2002-12-15 04:07:59 ET

i KNOW...

2002-12-15 06:12:08 ET

err, so NOT. girls suck

2002-12-15 10:04:42 ET

personality-wise, I agree. Guys are more... Agreeable (sorry, couldn't find a better word), but on the outside...
Guys are like.. blechs. I could never be gay.

2002-12-15 12:20:01 ET

i agree that most girls are difficult to get along with because of their personalities. specially when you're in a relationship with a girl. girls are an enigma for me (kind of surprising because i'm one of them) i prefer hanging out with a bunch of guys (right now, i don't have any female friends here, so that's what i do) but not all of them are like that. i think that girls think differently than guys (and that's scientifically proven) and that's the source of the problem. guys are just more laid back, and mellow, easy going and not so dramatic all the time. but i think that girls can give you so much more than guys because they are more sensitive, and devoted, and those qualities are VERY important.

2002-12-16 03:17:44 ET

<-- I'm sensitive. I avoided running over a cat today, see? ;)<BR>
אני רגיש, ספונטני עם חוש הומור

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