all is grey.
2002-12-16 02:24:30 ET

last night i drove my little brother somewhere. so when i stopped in a red light i looked behind and there he was, all smudged up with his nose in the window staring out at the rain. so i asked: "daniel, what are you thinking of?" and he pointed at one of those traffic signs that says "go straight" and said: "are those traffic signs to heaven?"
i really love him, but sometimes he scares the shit outta me.
noa was over and we had video night, and in an hour or so i'll be off to the first night at my new job as a catering whore. my only worry is what ill do if ill have to serve meat...

= listening to: KMFDM vs. pig - fuck me =

2002-12-16 02:30:54 ET

suck it up and look away. its all about the blingbling. :)

2002-12-16 03:25:18 ET

your little brother is a little psychotic sometimes, i must say :). but he got cool camo clothes.

and gooooooddddddd luck!!! tell me how the day went

2002-12-16 05:00:51 ET

Damn I want a little brother. Anyone up for adoption?

My mom told me that when I was 3 yo, and my parents were thinking of having another baby (this I of course didn't know at the time), I just came up and told her I have a young brother waiting for me. I knew it'd be a brother. Weird thing is, I remember this conversation. I hardly remember a thing from that age...
At the end, my dad vetoed another kid, and I turned out the youngest.. You gotta wonder .. if in some alternative reality there's a totally different Shay walking around with a little kid bro...

2002-12-16 13:54:22 ET


didn't know where else to put it.

2002-12-17 14:39:58 ET

hey, thanks!
im old... damn it.

and nessa- thats what i did... when you work so hard you suddenly forget its really there.

2002-12-17 14:48:30 ET

oh, and shay... having a little bro is kindda kewl...
exept the times when you are all hung-over smashed on your bed like a bug on a windshiled... and thats exectly the time he wants you to try out his new toy with him. god, i hate his stupid bayblades...

2002-12-17 18:59:12 ET

maybe my lil brother and your lil brother should meet up and have a bayblayed session, you know

2002-12-18 02:52:28 ET

that's kinda creepy.

2002-12-18 03:55:23 ET

noa- my lil brother will kick your lil brother's ass.

2002-12-18 06:03:06 ET

itay - no fuckin' way!
well have to see bout that

2002-12-18 07:02:01 ET


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