pure morning
2002-12-18 04:25:26 ET

right... if you can define 4 PM as morning. but whatever.
i started working as a waiter two days ago. well, its hard, but everyone has been kindda nice and helpfull... so it went o.k. oh, and i got to wear a skirt! and not just a skirt, it was orange-black uniform. FUNKERRRRRR!!!
well, last night i finished working at 23:45, just 15 minuetes before my birthday began. i was soooo tired, i just wanted to go home, take a shower and sleep. but i stopped by over at noa's, that gave me her lovely BD gift: a "I HATE BRITNEY SPEARS" t-shirt. ohh.... so sweet. i kindda like britney though... LOL.
when i got home i found a few friends sitting in the dark making surprise party noises. birthday pizza. lovely.
as a gift they gave me a hugh pack of vaseline. HUH?!?
i guess its like a symbol for them "being behind me" all the way:))
lil' brother was there too, burping with some root beer, and he gave me a BD card that said: "happi birfdai yoo fag" with a drawing of a little man holding a sign that says: "dU DraAgz". i really shouldnt let him hang around so much with my friends.
thats it. went to sleep, woke up, mom gave me 200$ as a gift, went back to sleep, and woke up now.
maybe i'll go to the gym now.

= listening to: soulwax - too many dj's =

2002-12-18 05:56:59 ET

i should hang out with your brother more, he sounds cooler as the time goes by.
and damn it, i am a female (uh...checks..yeah), DOES ANYONE NEEDS ANY MORE PROOF that u...you know..uhh...stuff.
H*a*p*p*y B*i*r*t*h*d*a*y <3

2002-12-18 06:14:39 ET

Happy birthday! And just so you know...your english doesn't suck, at least by foreign language expectations here in America. For example, people consider my abilities at German to be pretty damn high by our standards, and your english is 10000000000 times better than my German, so there....you're good :)

2002-12-18 08:08:37 ET

Happy mirthday!

2002-12-18 13:29:48 ET


2002-12-18 13:38:06 ET

HAPPY B- DAY!!! :)

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