2002-12-28 21:25:46 ET

got to get up for work in 4 hours. i wonder if the sleep really worth it.
bizzre weekend. the good way. been a while since i REALLY had fun and felt good. thursday i came straight from work with a busted knee to the regular thursday metal thingie that started an EBM floor. yhea, i know it sounds weired.
although i was in great pain (i think i should sue the army for fucking up my right leg) i had a great time. friday afternoon included a little meeting with two friends about the AUS+NZ+Tazmania trip we're gonna go on next winter... this meeting offcourse ended up with us hitting each other with a globe-ball. we're gonna get along so great there :)))
later, well... the friday bash. alchohol,EBM, really weired conversations and Noa's little peircing drama (but you can read all about it in her page).
woke up all wuzzy on sturday's afternoon... went eating with noa till we where really stuffed... and then went to a friend house and made some really fucked up home video's with sock-puppets... (highscore recored for longest time to get beaten up without getting mad: 35 sec's)
thats it. in 4 hours i'll spit in your food again... (insert sinister laugh here)
being a waiter can be so much fun sometimes.

2002-12-29 07:28:23 ET

hey, the piercing incident was amusing.
show me that video , i like sock puppets..

2002-12-29 11:18:32 ET

its..... classified.

2002-12-29 11:19:01 ET


you're back!!!!

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