hold on to nothing as fast as you can...
2003-01-23 11:41:09 ET

...an update.
well, been a while since i've been here, been even more time since i updated. reason? none actually. pure lazyness.
im trying to create myself a "school night" atmosphere since im beginning a lame excuse for studying tomorrow. damn it, i still cant read a thing in that stupid workbook.
my sister finished her training as a rescue-unit member in the army so i went to her army base for the graduation. got to see a video of my sis breaking a wall with a hammer... im so proud!!! *tear*tear*
i kindda miss the army sometimes. maybe i miss the whole alter-ego thing i had back there. *poof*

damn it being a grown up aint that fun at all!!!!

2003-01-23 11:44:20 ET

"school night" atmosphere failed...
im going out klubbin'... :)
shit i'm gonna regret this tomorrow.

2003-01-23 11:45:44 ET

GOD I'm so glad we don't have to do compulsery Military here in America...they tell me to drop and give them 20 and I'd tell them suck it till their face implodes.

2003-01-23 11:51:54 ET

hehe... kindda funny.
in hebrew "drop and give me twentie" got the same meaning as to "preforme an orali-peasure act on twentie young men in fit physical condition".

i really had fun saying this line to my soldeirs though... (sinister laugh)

oh well gotta jet away.

2003-01-23 12:18:09 ET

NO WAY! That's awesome; I love the intricacies about language blunders, i.e. certain things that are worded exactly the same way in various languages mean different things. That rules.

2003-01-23 17:56:10 ET

army sucks, actually.
i miss my nurse uniform...this was so cool!!!

2003-01-24 00:20:56 ET

Army 0WNZ

2003-01-26 00:43:21 ET

army is army. I wish I could serve in SLA :))

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