fucked up morning
2003-01-25 22:54:31 ET

damn it im tired.
ok, the thing is, you see, i got three dogs. a mother called bonnie, a son called goerge and a little daughter called Lola. well this morning we found lola all curled up in her doghouse and her mother and brother running around her all nervouse and stuff. when we pulled her out we found a REALLY nasty cut on her neck. really nasty... flesh showing cut. so i rushed to the vet's and he drugged her up and told me to come back in two hours. so here i am... updating to pass time. i really hope she's allright.

yesterday i went out drinking with my indie-snob friend Noaam. she lives in jerusalem and i hardly get to see her (mostly because i HATE jerusalem so i never go up there to visit her). we went to this really nice quiet pub, when suddenly we found ourselves sonicly attacked by a bunch of really drunk irish dudes... they just went singing on and on and on and on... and everytime someone tried to turn down the music they gave him a good enough reason not to do so, if you know what i mean. we ran away from the horror as fast as we could (my ears my ears!!! i hate old irish patriotic songs!) and went out to eat. met noa and shay on our way. hope they had more fun then we did .
anyway i gotta go pick up my dog now.

2003-01-25 23:21:02 ET

Hope yer pup's okay... Did you sit at the minzar? We heard horrible singing coming from there too...

And it was damn weird seeing you in the street like that. ;)

Oh, btw, where is she from in Jerusalem? I be Jerusalemite material meself, you know.

2003-01-26 00:04:14 ET

... and she's o.k!!!!! she underwent an operation and got tubes stuck up her neck, but the vet. said she'll be fine. right now she's laying in a busket with that dumb doggie cone-head colar staring at me with hatered...

yes, it was at haminzar... you see how horrible it was?!?!

and noaam is a p-t export... born and raised in good ol' slimeville. moved there about 3.5 years ago. she lives next to this really kewl izoteric music store though.

2003-01-26 00:21:03 ET

I'm glad yer pups cool.
Oh the HORROR!! The minzar was sheer crapolla.
Hmm, Okay, so I know where she lives. I forget it's name, but they sell vinyl and stuff.
3.5 years ago... ? Why, Uni?

2003-01-26 00:36:44 ET

i think that store belongs to that "FACT" dude.

and she was there before the army, she lived there as a soldeir and for some strange reason she just stayed there. we always have this dumb fights because i always tell her how much i hate jerusalem.

went to a good pub there once though.

2003-01-26 00:49:46 ET

The Syndrome or the Mike's Place? Oh, wait if it was quite a few years ago it could've been the Kalba Savoa which was the best pub in the history of existance.

2003-01-26 00:53:24 ET

actually it was the stardust.
and actually... come to think about it... i cant really tell how good was it 'cause i was SO damn DRUNK.

2003-01-26 01:08:01 ET

Stardust is a shitty little hole.

Yes, they play good music.

Yes, some good performers (i.e. Nick Cave) come there on occasions.

It's still smaller than my office-room, and dank, and has too many frikim.

2003-01-26 06:14:15 ET

your dogs are so gay...
i hope they are ok, anyway

(maybe next time i come over they won't attack me)

2003-01-26 06:19:02 ET

hey, that was a rhyme.

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