last time i said this line
2003-01-26 12:45:19 ET

it was back at highschool... but


ok, thats it.

2003-01-26 12:46:21 ET

i thought you were going to sleep :)

besides, you have only 3 months left
i have 4 YEARS

2003-01-26 12:58:48 ET

hey, you can never tell.
maybe i'll have to take my highschool finals again.
maybe i'll go to med. school or sumthin....

2003-01-26 12:59:35 ET

med school
yeah :))

i support that

2003-01-26 13:02:32 ET

i'll prolly fall asleep in the O.R....

2003-01-26 13:40:04 ET

Algebra does suck. How are you supposed to subtract two letters from each other and somehow move an x? I'm surprised I passed it.

2003-01-26 13:43:17 ET

well.... you see... you just have to...
oh forget it i just dont know.

but i just did this thing that i had to add n to x :))

metal fingers in my bodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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