so just do what you gotta do.
2003-01-29 14:50:41 ET

really lame day.
got up at around 12 pm and realized that my plans for today. are completly fucked.
did some homework. i really missed that whole studying thing. i should do it more often. then i went to the gym. i really like going there but i HATE the people and the staff. its like those bunch of low-life thinking they're god's gift to woman kind just because they can lift some weights and make funny horsie sounds. its like everytime i try to do my humble workout this random dumb as hell macho scum comes over and try to tell me i'm doing it wrong. but they put on every maddona song ever on loop, so its not all wrong :)
so straight after that i went to my class, and took a really LONG diagnostic test.brrrrr. hell i tell you.
and later, went with noa to the comma II. 80's, beer, bordem. i'm bored. maybe i'll go look for my dusty guitar and make random noises.

---beth gibbons - tom the model---

2003-01-29 14:53:08 ET

just don't pull off a steroids addiction.

2003-01-29 15:05:46 ET

i think my sugar addiction is bad enough.

2003-01-29 15:13:52 ET

got nothing to do with the entry:

You are a Wasteland Warrior!

In A Post-Apocalyptic World, Who Would You Be?
brought to you by Quizilla

mmm.... kindda like tank girl. but not funny.

2003-01-29 15:15:09 ET

hey hey!!!
i need to do this quiz

2003-01-29 15:19:11 ET

You are a No-Rules Rebel!

In A Post-Apocalyptic World, Who Would You Be?
brought to you by Quizilla


2003-01-30 05:14:44 ET

You are a Bounty Hunter

In A Post-Apocalyptic World, Who Would You Be?
brought to you by Quizilla

This quiz is cool.

2003-01-30 08:44:15 ET

shai - one you lock the target
oontz oontz oontz.

i like tankgirl's haircut.
maybe i should shave parts of me hair too.

2003-01-30 09:13:08 ET

Tank Girl is Hawt.

Maybe I should poke my eyes out like dat cowboy bebop ;)

2003-01-30 09:44:26 ET

its that cop guy from ghost in the shall.
shame on you.

2003-01-30 09:51:17 ET


2003-01-30 09:57:37 ET

my english sux.

2003-01-30 09:58:51 ET

maybe you should read more.

2003-01-30 10:01:46 ET

i'm not into self improvement at this point of my life, thank you.

2003-01-30 10:05:29 ET

but it's fun!

2003-01-31 10:08:44 ET

sorry, my bad! Ghost in the Shell it is.

Itay - learning = goot.

spelling mistakes = bat.


2003-01-31 14:52:41 ET

fixetion on spelling mistakes = VERY BAD

see? i probably misspelled that too.
see if i care:)

2003-02-01 04:07:09 ET

Oh, come on, you did that on purpose! ^_^

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