strange thing
2003-02-10 15:21:29 ET

so today i worked in the tel-aviv harbor from 15:00 'till 2:00, and just when i was loading up some crates on the truck i heared someone saying "hey itay!".
it was this girl i know, and she was sitting there with another girl that had a really bad bleed out of her i told her i would drive them to the hospital after we'll finish with the truck in a few minuetes, and i went to get some antiseptic stuff for her friend. when i came back they were all gone. i hope she's ok.

2003-02-10 15:46:33 ET


2003-02-11 04:17:07 ET

Why was her forehead bleeding? Is it just a spontaneous, pretty run-of-the-mill thing in tel-aviv?

2003-02-11 05:44:04 ET

LoL Lila. I'm thinking Itay here hellucinated the whole scene, but whatever.

2003-02-11 05:47:04 ET

Hahahaha, he's all tripping out on the harbor fumes; there is a lot of mercury in fish, you know.

2003-02-11 06:14:57 ET

no shit, don't eat mediterranian fishies, they're all contaminated with the tons of sewer and industry waste we pour into it everyday.

2003-02-11 11:14:26 ET

no way dude!
it was all for real.
and the harbor IS kindda tripy.

2003-02-11 12:20:16 ET

OOOOoooooo fishie fishie fishie FISH! That went wherever IIIII did GOOOoooooooooo.

2003-02-12 03:51:59 ET

i LOVE delerium.

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