jeez, my head...
2003-02-18 14:41:44 ET

i suddenly got this really bad headach...
anyhow, i just watched SLC punk with noa. i kindda missed those video nights. that movie makes me so depressed everytime i watch it. R.I.P heroine bob!!!! in heaven, where the beer is free and got 10% alchohol in it!

my sis is on vacation from the army so she's taken over my beloved sarah... a.k.a my car.THAT BITCH!!!!
so anyhow i have to borrow my mom's minivan aka courpsemobile aka "hanevela". i fuckn hate that car. it got all those dents and hits on it that reminds me how bad i drive :)

bore bore bore

2003-02-18 14:42:53 ET

i promised you this comment


2003-02-18 14:44:17 ET

heroine bob doesn't really die. you can see him breathing if you look close enough.

2003-02-18 14:48:18 ET

yhea ive noticed it too....

i am not gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(not that theres someting wrong with it)

2003-02-18 14:52:28 ET


2003-02-18 23:54:48 ET

"..Not that there's anything wrong with it." LoL.

2003-02-19 04:23:51 ET

Awww, the trials of life :)

2003-02-19 04:37:29 ET

screw you guuuuuuuuuuys
im goin' home!

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