2003-02-20 17:52:24 ET

so again i had my bizzare thursday at the harbor work thingy. it really starts to freak me out. i was working at this wedding and the bride and groom wouldnt let us take away our stuff (a big-truck load of stuff that is) until the wedding party is over. guess what? it was over at 2:30 am... so i get of work at 3:30, got class at 10:00 am and instead of heading home to sleep little dumb me is off clubbin'.
i can be such an idiot sometimes. *mega tired yawn*


i got a phone call this morning from my officer at my old unit.
in a week or so i'll be a platoon sargent again. but only for a couple of weeks. respect my aouthoritttttttttttttttttttttttttttty!!!!!!

2003-02-21 04:36:49 ET

You're a sergent? Are you like the sergent in Full Metal Jacket? heheheheheheee

2003-02-21 04:45:47 ET

no, not really.

2003-02-21 10:37:03 ET

clubbing where?

um, are like going away and stuff? 0_o Oh no!

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