i'm doomed.
2003-02-22 18:27:50 ET

a little convo i held tonight:

[01:03]a dying groom:
LOL!!! so how was that charity event?
[01:04]my apertame hope:
it went o.k...
i got a job offer at the end of it. as a waiter. again.
[01:06]a dying groom:
pshhhhhhh, loveley, itay. ur really on the fast lane to become a master servant, are'nt you?
[01:10]my aspertame hope:
yhea, they should call me Jeeves.

thats my destiny.
please. someone. shoot me.

2003-02-22 20:21:08 ET

want to join my army of paging monkeys of doom?

2003-02-22 20:26:21 ET


2003-02-24 04:31:29 ET

Dude, when I'm famous, I'll hire you as my personal jeeves...sound good? (heh heh heh)

2003-02-24 04:36:09 ET

should i fetch thee slippers, master prat?

2003-02-24 04:38:04 ET

Yes, you may....AND make sure they are like chinchilla-lined ones this time, you simpering dolt!
*fans myself with ostrich feathers*

2003-02-24 04:40:31 ET

yes mam!

*spits in cup*

can i offer you some tea?

2003-02-24 04:42:37 ET

Ahhh yes.....this better be Herbal Tea freshly harvested from India, none of that domestic crap....
*drinks tea in utter bliss, completely not noticing huge lugie*
Good tea, Itay.

2003-02-24 04:47:44 ET

should i make you a worm bath master?

*shakes bottle of liquid cyanide*

oh, and btw, your lawyer called about that new will you wrote.


2003-02-24 04:53:54 ET

Draw me a bath of fresh hyeina milk and goose oil with fresh red rose petles...and make it SNAPPY.
Oh yes, the will; I suppose such things are neccessary, though I'd rather have my millions buried with me where no one can touch it.
*Sees bath*
This doesn't look like my normal hyeina milk/goose oil...and where are the damn rose petels?!? Oh well, no matter...
*hops in, immediately disintegrates*

2003-02-24 14:38:46 ET

all your million belong to us.

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