*falling sound* BANG!
2003-02-27 16:06:44 ET

my life is in total collision. i really cant handle working every night 'till 3 am and studying for my psychometric exem that's due on april. eep! i really cant fail it.
worked in a kickass wedding today. the bride and groom walked the aile to "cannonball" by the breeders, and later on the DJ played some RHCP, Whale, beastie boys, Front242 and hard trance. i had loads of fun ^_^
i tried to get over my great fear of hights today by volanteering to blow off candles that were placed on a chandelier 10 meters high. yep. i'm still a little whooss.

oh, and off course:


2003-02-27 16:07:09 ET

mmm yay for hard trance.

2003-02-27 16:08:38 ET

we really wanted to dance!
but our boss wouldnt let us....

2003-02-27 17:38:46 ET

Sounds like a nifty party. :) I was at a wedding once where they played rage3 agsinst the machine :)


2003-02-28 01:30:19 ET

i once heard of a wedding that the aile-walking song was something by laibach (YEAH!!!) , and the cheesy-dancing-song was joy division's atmosphere. hehe :D

when i get married (if ever), i want in "a manner of speaking" by tuxedomoon. just cuz.

2003-02-28 04:30:08 ET

Whoa, Whale...I haven't head anyone mention Whale since the early 90's

2003-02-28 04:36:49 ET

yep. for me, whale is sooooooo nostelgic.

2003-02-28 06:55:42 ET


2003-03-01 08:08:59 ET

I hate weddings.
I always almost cry.

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