well its about time...
2003-03-02 14:46:00 ET

a little late; my version of this hectic friday.
after i finished noa's entire popcorn stock, we all got in my car and drove to the rave. me and noa sneaked our way in for free ("yhea dude, we're with the d.j... its in the freakin' list!") and heared a perfectly good set by our man DJ D.V.X go to waste because they wouldnt let people in untill it was over. then i held the traditional car-bar rules reading, and the alchohol started to flow...
-comparing "worst alley stories" with shay. (i think i talked really fast there)
-glowsticking with mea culpa (you rule girl!)
-having a toilet paper fight with this girl i dont know
-dancing to techno like a dog with rabies
-cyberbunny wouldnt shut up... :)
i can vagely recall myself running around on the dancefloor at 7:00 am offering everyone my special "house cocktail"... once a jeevs, always a jeevs.
then a dinner on saturday, some theatre, and today again... work work work. oh god, please make it weekend again.

=felix da housecat - harlot=

2003-03-02 20:01:43 ET

i think you meant "go to waste", what you wrote is completly differend :D

and i did shut up, i just talked for an hour there when i was resting!

2003-03-02 20:22:56 ET

oops.... but then again dvx's set was FAT.... hahaha bad joke.
hey, i only got to see you when you were resting.

2003-03-02 20:26:40 ET

and that's when i began my infamous monolouge there :D

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