a moment of vage bliss
2003-03-06 12:09:41 ET

i woke up from my LONG afternoon sleep and went out to the garden for a cup of coffee and a smoke. then, all of a sudden, i realized how happy i am at this specific moment, and i wished it will never end.
then it ended.

2003-03-06 12:10:50 ET

Awww, that's happy and depressing at the same time.

2003-03-06 12:16:14 ET

i dont know if i hate or love those moments.

2003-03-06 17:04:41 ET

doktor krank says it's all because of the long sleep the serotonin level in your brain have risen high, causing this sudden mood thingy.

or, maybe you was just happy (?)

serotonin is the devil.

2003-03-06 17:24:16 ET

people are more then chemestry, you know.

2003-03-06 17:27:26 ET

i'd wish it wasn't so.

2003-03-06 17:29:01 ET

it isnt.

2003-03-06 17:29:59 ET

yeah, it is. sucks, isn't it?

2003-03-06 17:32:34 ET

i just dont look at life like that. its like saying everything that you are is related to how your parents treated you.

2003-03-06 17:34:22 ET

no, this is a different theory. but i still think all this feelings and crap is mainly effected by chem stuff

2003-03-06 17:35:37 ET

its the same in the manner of not taking responsabilities for your feelings/actions.

2003-03-07 01:04:44 ET

ah, shut up, i'm outta this comment thread

2003-03-07 04:17:33 ET

Itay, I think you might be a modern day philosopher of your own distinction. After reading the stuff you said on Meriav's thingy about the little kid and this, you have the soft intellectual touch of say, a person who believes in universalism or the like.

2003-03-07 06:38:10 ET

no way.
words that end in "ism" makes me sick.
philosophy makes me wanna puke. i really dont like it.
but thanks anyway. soon i'll get a fingers spazem and i wo'nt be talking nonesence for the next few weeks.
now you can all sleep soundly.
and everything is allright.

2003-03-07 06:39:57 ET

Well sleep well senor...sorry I called you a philosopher; it was intended to be a compliment.

2003-03-07 06:57:43 ET

hey, i took it as one.
thanks! *hugz*

2003-03-07 07:12:40 ET


Awww, I just realized how diplomatic this all is; we should send in a video to the news.

2003-03-07 08:57:07 ET

that was so touching, really

2003-03-07 12:02:09 ET

*smiles at the cameras and kicking cyberbunny under the table*

i kidd, i kidd.....

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