random... its all just pure random
2003-03-08 07:56:15 ET

currant color:venom green.
random thought: looking at mountaintops makes me feel secure.

so i woke up at 11 am with a sudden urge to run. so i was about to leave the house when a few friends called to ask me to come see "catch me if you can" with them. it was ok... nothing more. and then we went to stuff some grease into our digestive system.
i still feel the urge to run though.

2003-03-08 08:01:14 ET

your entries are getting really obscure. soon enough you'll start directing movies about dwarves and highways and lesbian scenes.

2003-03-08 08:04:21 ET

have you been going through my notes again?!?!?!

2003-03-08 11:53:20 ET

Me no thinkie Itay = David Lynch.

Hooray for grease.

How is catch me if you can? I hear it's good.

2003-03-08 12:29:38 ET

it's nice.
the decaprio's character is actually quite brilliant. but poorly acted in my opinion.

2003-03-09 03:48:53 ET


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