2003-03-14 10:42:11 ET

so, there's this dude i know, and he was declared a missing person a few days ago. cant say i was surprised about that; this guy was kindda weired (in a very GOOD sense) but i thought he will turn out to be fine in the next few days.
so, last night at the club i was talking to someone and he mentioned his name. so i said "yep, its freaky stuff, you cant tell were the hell he is" and he looked at me and said "yes i can. they found his body this afternoon. he fell from a cliff up north."

those clear moments are weired.
although i didnt know him that well, im still sorry because he was a good man. one of the best.
oh well. 4 days to amsterdam.

2003-03-14 10:46:01 ET

Oh my god! That's what you were talking about on my page....
I'm really sorry, itay. I know he was not like a close friend of yours, but death is always strange and hard no matter how the person is related to you.
You and Noa and whoever else goes just have a fun, relaxing time in Amsterdam. I hope is gives you guys a little clarity and relief.

2003-03-14 11:00:27 ET

he wasnt a close friend. he was this guy i was saying hello to at partys and stuff. more of a freind's friend. but it was still weired.
talking about amsterdam... i just found out i gotta bring 15 falafel-making spoons with me to amsterdam. where the hell do you find those fuckers???

2003-03-14 11:01:47 ET

Dude, I have no idea.....maybe a nice cooking store; they have all kinds of random shit.
Why do you need falafel spoons anyway?

2003-03-15 03:18:35 ET

falafel spoons :)))
we'll go hunting on sunday, k?

2003-03-15 15:14:46 ET

ya, it's really odd when vague aquaintances just drop out of existence like that. some kid at my school died a few months ago in a car accident, I didn't really know him, but it was strange knowing I would never see him again.

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