2003-04-18 19:00:39 ET

i woke up, picked up an old army buddy of mine and we drove off to meet some more army people. she wanted to see them since she goes off to a dance school in holland tomorrow, and she got no clue about when she's coming back.
it sucked ass, and after 30 mins. or so we took off to a D'n'B party in tel aviv.
i had loads of fun, met up with my sister, noa, shay and aya and had a little dance-off with meirav. the results off that little competition are still unknown (though in my opinion i kicked her ass... im more core then you, hone!!) and i'm waiting for the judges to make the call on this one :)

ears: raiden-infection

2003-04-19 04:42:02 ET

you wish!!!! i kicked your ass!!!!!!! wait and see in the next rave....

2003-04-19 06:03:55 ET

well... in my book, standing around making small movements and taking a break every 30 mins. doesnt envolve that much of ass kicking:)
but i'm willing to take on your rematch:)

2003-04-19 08:03:31 ET

i asked dvir to be the judge, kids

2003-04-19 08:18:00 ET

small moves???? you liar!!!!!! Shay agrees you are lying here.
and yep, we do need a judge here.

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