busy in da mix!
2003-05-06 01:10:59 ET

spent this morning making all the mixing and preperations for tonight.
and tonight's theme is.... *drums* V0DKA!!!
1.VODKA jello-shots (with little fruit bits inside)
2.LASER TORPEDO - secret house drink that offcourse includes lots of VODKA...
3.a watermelon injected with ... yhea, you guessed it right, VODKA!
4.frozen grapes with... oh,what was it again? oh, yhea- VODKA!!!
5.lots of breezers and apple shnapes. well, thats not VODKA (!!!) but it would do as well.

hope all that tasting will leave me o.k for tonight...

=ears: various old disco tunes (yhea!!!)=

2003-05-06 01:36:13 ET


2003-05-06 04:26:50 ET

Oooo, whata fancy bartender you is!

2003-05-06 04:52:25 ET

very nice. meeting at my place 2100 for a toast. and some more.

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