and on a medical note...
2003-05-12 17:22:07 ET

i felt really weak the last couple of days so i started taking my b-12/folic acid pills again. and now i remember why i stopped taking those damn things last time: strangely, that stuff makes me really sleepy and depressed. i dont let it get to me, offcourse; i can't efford to. but i must admit it scares the SHIT outta me because i hav'nt delt with situation like this in a very long time.
so i tried playing some music to get my mind off it but all the songs that i remembered how to play was too damn depressing. watched t.v, but all they ever play when you need that mind numbing entertainment is ricky lake, and that's even more the I can bear. some kindda cosmic joke i guess.
so i set down in the living room for a while and watched my little brother sleeping on the sofa. i envy him so much... so peaceful, spreaded all over. made me feel a bit better. watching him sleep gave me an urge to do everything in order to sheild him, and it made me feel a bit more vital.

anyway, sun is up, better hit the sack before i'll turn to dust or something nice like that.

=ears: sneaker pimps - water=

2003-05-13 04:16:15 ET

That was a very sweet post. I hope you feel better, dude--I'm not sure why b12/folic acid would do that to you, but maybe you should do a little research! Have as fun a day as possible :)

2003-05-13 04:39:42 ET

folic acid pills do that, leila, it's even a common side effect. That's why it sucks to be a veggy. um. I dont eat much meat because i dont like it, and I was supposed to take those too, but i didn't because I'm already on too many perscribed shit, so BOO.

as for you, itay: I hope you're taking those at night...otherwise you can get into akward situations in which you collapse due to over-dizzyness. not fun.

2003-05-13 04:45:10 ET

Ahhhhh, I did not know that! New information every day.

2003-05-13 04:50:09 ET

yeah....damn iron lacking...blood cells.

2003-05-13 08:01:44 ET

i'm only take those pills for short periods every once in a while when i FEEL that i NEED them. then i stop before i become a moppy slob.

2003-05-13 08:03:15 ET

like me.

2003-05-16 16:33:34 ET

thats kind of a beautiful to say.

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