strange offer
2003-05-14 14:21:00 ET

so i was at work today and while working the owners of the catering service i work for called me over and asked me if i wanna be incharge of their storage space. that includes loading up a pick-up truck before work, driving it to the location and driving back at the end of the night and un-load it. its a hard job but it pays 350 NIS (about 75$) a night and i might get the pick-up truck to myself when i'm off-work. i really dunno about that... and the fact that it's only the 3rd night i work for them makes it even weirder.

2003-05-14 14:49:15 ET

Maybe its because your such an awesome worker.... fool!

2003-05-14 16:08:03 ET

but after 3 nights???
i mean... something smells fishy here.

2003-05-14 16:10:42 ET

Like what?!!?!?

2003-05-14 16:15:17 ET

i dunno... like the fact that they bearly know me and the fact that they have guys there working for 2 years who are much more suitible for the job... or is it just me being paranoid again?

2003-05-14 16:16:33 ET

Maybe its just you being paranoid..... but Id wath yer back buddy! If i were one of those guys whos been working there so long... id be piiiissseeeddd

2003-05-14 16:21:04 ET

it's not like they're gonna disect me with a chainsaw or anything like that. they're nice people.

2003-05-14 16:22:32 ET

Yeah but it would still suck that they give a better pay away to someone who hasnt even been there a week when youve been there for a good 2 years!!!!!

2003-05-14 16:32:08 ET

i got it!!!!!
i'm part of the new agression-relief progrem for the work-staff!

2003-05-14 16:33:30 ET

Whoo! go you. lol

2003-05-15 02:23:52 ET

maybe im just paranoid..oh wait..i am. but i would wait a while to check this out.
then again,it's lots of money. too bad i'm prolly not gonna see you till next lag baomer, you busy man.

2003-05-15 04:19:23 ET

That is a nice hunk o change, but maybe they are using you to mask their drug or gun running business ;)

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