2003-05-16 03:51:12 ET

last night i started herling every 5 minuetes.
while at work.
so i went home.
got sick a few more times.
slightly better now.

2003-05-16 04:48:46 ET

What's wrong?

2003-05-16 04:50:38 ET

i really have no clue.
but leaving work was the hardest part. i felt really bad about it.

2003-05-16 04:55:53 ET

Awww; well I hope you feel better. Don't feel bad about leaving work; health is infinetly more important.

2003-05-16 09:04:26 ET


(but i'm not allowed to talk about it)

2003-05-16 16:32:26 ET

ahh...well i hope you get feeling better.

2003-05-16 18:18:48 ET

thank you...
i'm kindda better already.

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