smelly, tired, but happy.....
2003-05-17 15:26:20 ET

so tonight i felt much much better so i picked up noa and we drove off to the APB concert. although i was feeling better i didnt thought that drinking will be a wise thing to do, so i stayed unintoxicated, what later turned out to be a good choice.
we met lots of people outside, hanged around, and after we got pretty much bored we went inside just in time to catch the warm-up act, observe&control. was'nt that great, i hoped for a better preformence, but it was kindda weak.
and then APB got up on stage... i cant say i enjoyed the show as much as i enjoyed the ENERGY of it. the house was fucking packed, the crowed was in amok and the vibe was awsome. this may be funny, but in a certain point i realized that the smell there was not just sweat; it was freaking FUNK... hehehe.
i noticed it was filmed, so i hope i can see one day...

2003-05-17 20:21:58 ET

where all those parties\raves\gigs tapes go to anyway? I think there's hidden footage of every party we've been to and they just dont want us to know about it...

2003-05-18 02:06:21 ET

probably, yeah.

2003-05-18 08:42:38 ET

oh snap, sounds like a good time.

2003-05-18 12:50:39 ET

it was a good time!!!!

yhea... there must be this underground lair in wich they keep all that stuff... watching... learning every move... so they can snatch you and replace you with an evil clone!!!!

2003-05-18 23:37:19 ET

*helps initiate new Para-Noa*

2003-05-19 04:22:28 ET

Awesome! I'm glad you had fun; hopefully more acts that you guys want to see will come out yo way.
Funk, huh? Man....that would have driven me insane! I don't know if you noticed on my list of pet peeves, but body order is number UNO. One time I went on a tour of a dungeon in Germany and the tour guy had not showered or worn dederant in what seemed to me like 5 months, because he smelled so bad I almost puked! Oh, it was terrible.
Hehehehhee, sorry about my non-solicited anticdote.

2003-05-19 16:32:36 ET

now think about a bunch of people wearing vinyl crowded in a close room :)

2003-05-20 11:10:29 ET

well yea....he's european....they just don't bathe.

2003-05-20 14:19:33 ET

hey hey hey!!!!
dont diss us! I bath....
(well... we're not really europen, but we're euoropen wannabes... :))

2003-05-20 14:51:49 ET

hey hey hey, are we in the Eurovision song contest or not..?

2003-05-21 00:33:54 ET


2003-05-22 00:07:56 ET

If Maccabi Haifa can play Manchester United, as far as I'm concerned, we're in EUROPE. </ערס>

2003-05-22 04:10:00 ET

Then I'm in Europe too. Not all of Chicago; just me.
I am always being mistaken for a European because of the way I look and speak, that is, until I get comfertable around someone and then I'm all about my American massacaring of the English language, heh heh.

2003-05-22 06:58:47 ET

good for you! :)

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