my own private weekend
2003-05-24 17:04:44 ET

i just realized it's been a week since last time i updated...
well most of my week consisted of a "grim fandango" marathon + work work work. i finished it just on the edge of turning my life into a total ruin.
met a good friend and hanged around in tel-aviv. later we picked up cyberbunny and went to watch matrix:realoaded. i know alot of people did'nt like it, but hey, i just LOVED it! after the movie i spent only an hour or so at the usual thursday club because...
woke up at 7:30 am for the first time in... AGES! god, i hate working in the morning. i mean, hey, give me slave labor all night, but mornings are for sleep!!!
came home,crashed and woke up all hysterical at 23:50 (sorry about that noa). well... friday,beer,EBM,beer, smoking too much,beer,food. pictures from that night can be found on ladyorion's page (hmmm... i'm missing one pic though)
when i got home, still all spinnin' at 6:30 or so i had the most wonderful long conversation with my father. it was weird because i was still all drunk and dizzy, but an hour and a half just flew away. we talked about phisycs, math, biology, religion, meteorology, genetics... i can hardly remember it all. but it reminded me how bright he is and how much i like him. (although sometimes i can't stand him:))
woke up, went to the beach with a friend where we talked about our up-coming trip to australia. drove back, chilled in his place for a while and we ended the night with two other friends playing drinking card-games and having wild pillow fights.

i dont belive it, you've made it 'till here... well that was long!

=ears: faith no more - interduce yourself=

2003-05-24 22:42:12 ET

you should come to kansas and party with me.

2003-05-24 23:43:10 ET

We all should.

P.S. Itay, you missed all my drama thursday *sniffle* I could've used the support.
Oh, and when are you headin to Australia? I hope you've got NZ in your plans, it's DEFINATELY worth it.

2003-05-25 06:54:50 ET

Call me cyberbunny again and you're dead. I stopped calling you ducky ages ago :)

2003-05-26 08:41:34 ET

when you go to should order some fosters.....

2003-05-26 10:12:35 ET

actually, if I recall, Fosters is a myth, the most popular beer in Australia is VB, followed by XXXX (I still rememeber the commercial jingle "..I feel a Fourex coming on..")

2003-05-27 01:15:36 ET

ausie boi

2003-05-27 01:27:12 ET

that's Ozzie fer joo ;)

2003-05-27 04:19:05 ET

'I feel a Fourex coing on?" Hahahaa, I like the sound of that; it sounds like either the person is going to have some sort of panic attack or want to get 'freaky', hehehehe ;)

2003-05-27 05:09:15 ET

it's a brilliant ad, if it's stil in my head after 16-17 years.

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