2003-05-27 15:32:05 ET

holy shit, i can hardly breath... work is killing me.
and i like it.
oh well, summer is here. i went with my friend to the beach on sunday, where i continued my so-called surfing lessons. i cought a couple of waves and 5 liters of sea water in my stomach.FUN FUN FUN!!! so we got all tired and went to my place where we did our beached-whales act in the inflated pool in my back yard. MORE FUN!!! then we crashed dead.
damn it i need some more days off.
then again, i need the money.

2003-05-27 19:59:55 ET

too bad you didn't come to the food fest...there was a lot of...food! and...and...I need some days off too. and then we should do something. um. yeah. have fun today anyway :D

2003-05-28 01:41:20 ET

"Beached whale act"

big LOL.

2003-05-28 04:34:05 ET

Surfing! Awesome. Here; I'm going to teach you a phrase of American surf slang: "Shoot the curl." That means to ride through the curly tunnel part of a wave.
Now you can be a true California dumbass...I MEAN surfer ;)

2003-05-28 15:10:55 ET

actually the waves here are lousy most of the time, and besides, i'm so bad at it i still hav'nt been able to stand on the surfboard when i catch a wave:)
shay: you should have seen us; couple of big infantiles sitting in the rubber pool...
noa: i miss you too.

2003-05-28 19:58:04 ET

aww :(

2003-05-28 23:44:14 ET


2003-05-29 06:31:51 ET

yeap, i remember the first time i swam in the ocean and i was amazed that they actually had real salt in the water.

2003-05-29 15:54:30 ET

city kids....

2003-05-31 16:59:07 ET

lol i live in Kansas....

2003-06-12 09:00:26 ET

boo!!! update

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