2003-07-08 03:52:35 ET

someone care? i strongly doubt it. anyway, i need the outlet, so fuck it.
lets make it short....
*life: none. work is not LIFE.
*diet: energy drinks, smokes, diet coke, B12 tablets. which is kindda cool because all my cloths are begining to fall off me.
*mood: still crappy.
*intoxication level: almost sXe.

thats all folks.

2003-07-08 03:54:22 ET

:raises glass: cheers

2003-07-08 03:55:40 ET

I thought you get food at work and such...

2003-07-08 04:17:14 ET

Don't stop eating, yo; you'll be a fragile grizzled old man.

2003-07-08 04:30:54 ET

:/ sux being a slave dude.

When's your trip..? Mine is Aug-Nov... Will I see youz before you go?

2003-07-08 06:34:04 ET

you should eat...but B12 as in what diabetics take? my grandma took b12 shots every other week or something.....but don't stop eating....you should IM me sometime when you're on the computer


2003-07-08 06:48:05 ET

B12 as in what veggies who have lack of B12 take ;)

2003-07-08 11:44:28 ET

i think B12 is a vitamin...
and your diet really doesn't sound too good... energy drinks are crap, try eating fruit instead... (i probably sound like some lame doctor or a nutritionist... sorry. all those years of being diabetic and having to keep a certain diet really start to get to me...) :/

2003-07-08 15:50:31 ET

its not that i stopped eating willingly... i just seem to forget about it. the energy drinks are a replacement for coffee (i dont have time for it in the morning). but thanks all for reminding me to eat now.

2003-07-08 22:47:33 ET

We just don't want you to 'kick the ol bucket' :)

2003-07-09 02:35:01 ET

i wont drop.... i'll just start seeing things or sumthin like that.
vacation ahead!!!

2003-07-13 11:09:56 ET

tie a string around your finger!

2003-07-13 14:20:14 ET

why? then the blood stream will stop and i'll have to cut it off.
come to think about it, now THAT'S a reaminder!!!

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