More Friend Cleaning
2003-04-02 11:10:37 ET

I just had to block this girl on IM. We dated once, but all she does now is IM me with how bored she is.

2003-04-02 11:11:20 ET

good thing? bad thing/?

2003-04-02 11:13:30 ET

Annoying thing. The basis of the friendship was her telling me how board she was. It's a shame, but it's a relief to stop the madness.

2003-04-02 11:15:09 ET

i imagine so... lol funny how people try to make conversation about nothing last all day

2003-04-03 06:36:58 ET

i do that all the the "i'm bored" girl...i normally only do it when i'm looking for entertainment/sex tho. (not like i've done that in awhile)

2003-04-03 10:35:47 ET

I kept offering my sexual services, but that wasn't the kind of entertainment she was looking for.

2003-04-03 11:00:35 ET

lol oh well sometimes people are just... well... people

2003-04-07 05:49:51 ET

Heh. Everytime I see your little avatar on the main page, I keep thinking you're an exbf. Figure that one out. :-p

2003-04-07 06:33:56 ET

Am I? So many... lost track...

2003-04-07 09:07:26 ET

LOL, no. Just look like him a bit...

2003-04-07 09:23:37 ET

Ok, just checking. I'm kind of a slut, you know.

2003-04-07 09:28:48 ET

I'm from ND, you'd -really- be a slut that gets around... mmhrrrm..

2003-04-07 09:37:19 ET

3 continents, and counting.

2003-04-07 09:44:24 ET


2003-04-07 09:53:22 ET

Actually, really 2. The third was only self-abuse. Haha.

2003-04-07 11:07:02 ET

Ah yes. I do believe North Dakota is self-abuse. Ugh.

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