2003-04-28 16:06:49 ET

I just got off the phone with my father, looks like I'll be going with him and my sister to visit my brother in France in June.

I'm still waiting for cherries to arrive at the fruit vendors.

2003-04-28 16:07:43 ET

i wish i was a fruit vendor.

2003-04-28 16:09:47 ET

france eh?

2003-04-28 16:13:43 ET

Oui. France.

2003-04-28 16:14:07 ET

France est tres magnifique... :)

2003-04-28 16:15:12 ET

that's for sure. <3 paris.

2003-04-28 16:20:59 ET

France est tres jolie.

2003-04-28 16:26:09 ET

Last time I was there, I didn't have much to eat. Monte Carlo (technically, not France), and I had boiled spinach and french bread for three days straight. Not very vegan-friendly, those French people.

2003-04-28 16:26:46 ET

lol no i guess not. lol

2003-04-28 16:32:58 ET

Now I've just got to find a hoochie to bring! This is way too far in advance for that, though.

2003-04-29 02:59:01 ET

i seriously hate the french. i've hated the french since i can remember

2003-04-29 06:31:32 ET

well to be perfectly honest..i think they probably feel the same way about you too. well not you personally. well that is me assuming you are from the US..I don't think the french like anyone who isnt' french. but as for american tourists they have good reason to hate us

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