1st entry
2005-07-17 21:26:26 ET

its my 1st entry..
how is everybody?

2005-07-17 21:29:11 ET

Welcome to SK. I is good. How is you?

2005-07-17 21:49:12 ET


2005-07-17 22:01:02 ET

Let every note be an arrow in the hearts of those who practice FALSE METAL!

Hey, what's up.

2005-07-17 22:03:21 ET

please post more semi nude pictures of women up.
or just send me boxes of cash.

2005-07-17 23:49:42 ET


2005-07-18 01:28:14 ET

Welcome =)

2005-07-18 01:41:27 ET

Ahoy there sailor.

2005-07-18 04:36:11 ET

Hello =)

2005-07-18 10:20:17 ET


2005-07-18 10:23:47 ET

welcome to sk.

2005-07-18 16:36:01 ET


2005-07-18 18:35:46 ET

I'm late as hell but Welcome.

2005-07-18 20:39:53 ET

new blood!

2005-07-18 21:41:44 ET

Hullo! I am late, as per usual....

2005-07-18 22:59:21 ET

Do you kill the rock?

2005-07-19 07:14:07 ET

A late welcome as always from me:P Welcome to sk.......

2005-07-19 09:39:44 ET

hey! is darcy still alive these days?


2005-07-19 19:54:18 ET

everyone on this thing is so nice!
thanks guys
1st day back at skool i lost my friend! lol
i hate school, im going to change skools next year cause mines gay and everyone there hates me lol.. well prob not everyone, but they act that way.. yesterday i tripped up the stairs in front of everyone.. fuck im dopey!
ah well im off cause im not meant to b on here!

2005-07-19 21:34:55 ET

oh... greetings and shit.

2005-07-20 01:38:46 ET

welcome to sk.

2005-07-20 03:42:09 ET

me, I'm rockin like Dokken. Welcome to sk!

2005-07-23 04:52:04 ET

Welcome to the addiction.

2005-07-23 09:56:01 ET

addiction, thats EXACTLY what this place is.

2005-08-11 10:55:35 ET

I'm late ... but welcome to SK :)

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