freaking out
2005-07-23 02:17:06 ET

ive been freaking out really strangely lately.
been worndering what im gona do with the rest of my worthless life
and what if what if what if..
i keep feeling im about to lose somethin close to me
oh, and ive been having dreams which hav been comn reality
so freaky..

2005-07-23 05:19:10 ET

you're so anxious! i think the best thing to do in a situation like this is calm down and take a break or small roadtrip or soemthing... you know? then just sit down and think positively about it.
no one is worthless.


2005-07-23 15:37:26 ET

lol im only 16! im not even allowed to b outa mums sight by 5! lol

2005-07-24 09:02:15 ET

well you can drive cant you? if you don't like my advice then don't take it. I was just suggesting.


2005-07-24 21:08:10 ET

yeah i do take it into account..
i cant drive yet.. just on learners not provisional.. but im thinking of running away..

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