2005-07-23 02:21:45 ET

p.s. is it wierd to b confused about ur sexuality¿?

2005-07-23 05:17:40 ET

uhm no not really. Alot of people question their sexuality at one point or another. I guess you just have to be who you are.

2005-07-23 08:05:21 ET

right, granted i've not got to that step yet, and hope i don't. but...yeah.

2005-07-23 09:13:16 ET

I hope to always stay "confused" haha

I need a gutairist, where are you located?

2005-07-23 13:22:23 ET

what's the origin of your confusion? are you confused about other things in life? it's fine to be bisexual, but I'll bet you your confusion is being amplified by other confusion in your life. for example, trouble in school or with your parents. Am I right?

2005-07-23 15:26:43 ET

im located in australia.. NSW.
yeah i guess ur kinda rite.. its always good after a stressful week to hav some sexual healing from ur best friend.. lol
nah but really, i think i like girls and boys

2005-07-25 07:18:15 ET

hey, sexual healing is a fine thing. but as Jimi Hendrix once said..."Is This Love or Confusion"? *guitar riff*

2005-07-25 20:30:23 ET

omg.. i love jimi hendrix.. hes all over my bedroom wall!

2005-07-26 06:43:50 ET

axo, its drums lead in.. then *guitar riff* haha

2005-07-26 07:02:02 ET

damn! I only have that album on tape. Must upgrade so I can remember how to scream it right.

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