dancin dancin dancin
2005-07-28 03:14:19 ET

dancing dancing boring old dancing
i am incredibly bad at it.. i dnt even kno y i made the audition but i gota big rehearsal tomorrow... dammit..
i wish it was like a jam or something..
dancing is too.. i dno.. lol im just bad thats why.. dancin is actually fun, just rare...
benn in depth of thouhgt lately.. what is happening to my life?
i feel im not going anywhere..

2005-07-28 07:10:06 ET

What were you auditioning for?

I mean, I think everyone can dance pretty much... some better than others... I think I'm a pretty good dancer (I've been copied or complimented on more than one occasion) but I'm no ballerina, you know? heh

2005-07-28 13:27:17 ET

u should see the klemmy on DDR, i fall on my ass everytime.

2005-07-29 02:05:01 ET

southern stars..
we learnt the routine today..
not too hard.. but f are my legs sore!

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