2008-11-25 07:01:35 ET

could escape my laptop for a short time and cleaned up my rooms with the "staubsauger". i hate it and my cats hate it, but it has to be done seriously for more than 3 weeks. now im happy that ive done it. and can chill again...

2008-11-25 11:48:41 ET

I cleaned up with my stabsauger yesterday!

Then my dog got scared so I stopped. hahaha

2008-11-25 12:02:20 ET

crazy! i never laughed such a lot than on sk! nice to be here.

2008-11-26 10:41:20 ET

A late Welcome to SK...

2008-11-26 13:37:42 ET

thanx! hope i can put some pics on this page soon...

2008-11-27 01:40:24 ET

woo (:

i still need to fix your pictures too! sorry bout that...been really preocupied this week x_x

2008-11-27 01:48:06 ET

doesnt matter, its not your guilty that im too dumb to do it alone.

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