where my heart belongs
2008-11-30 20:54:03 ET

poems, poems everywhere here
i´ve forgotten to write some for such a long time...
in a last crazy cleaning-action i through away some of my best newest poems, cannot really remind them. one is about my heart, the name was: "mon coeur" it is about: first is my heart a sponge, then it get swings (flügel), then it became a stone and fell down in "morast"
i´m so unhappy, that i through them away, but they rememberd me on psychotic times.

2008-11-30 21:10:37 ET

perhaps you should write more (:

2008-11-30 21:17:46 ET

oh, yes!!!

2008-11-30 21:28:55 ET

Yes, write more!

and turbo, get the pictures!!

2008-11-30 21:35:47 ET

hey innerbeauty, are you awake?! what time is it in canada?
i wonder about myself, not so long ago i slept until highnoon and now, for a few weeks, i´m "up" since early morning.
i´m ashamed, that i´m not able to put on that pics on my page, but have a look on myspace, sheinox

2008-11-30 21:37:16 ET

I am awake! It's 11:40 at night, and I will be sleeping soon. :)

I will look on myspace.

2008-11-30 21:39:45 ET

gute nacht und träum süß!

2008-11-30 21:40:58 ET

Vielen Dank! :-)

2008-11-30 22:01:07 ET

sorry, innerbeauty, ich hab ganz vergessen, daß ich die myspaceseite für fremde geschlossen hatte, weiß nicht ob du auch bei myspace bist, dann kannst du mich natürlich adden.

2008-11-30 22:20:55 ET

hab die seite gerade wieder aufgemacht

2008-12-01 06:30:47 ET

had to close my myspace page again. it gets on my nerves, when there are friendshipquestions all few minutes.
but i found a new game on myspace(foren)where you have to build words with the end of the last word, it´s crazy! just for fun

2008-12-01 10:34:19 ET

I saw the pictures last night just after you opened it up. They are nice :-)

2008-12-01 10:41:20 ET

thank you, schade daß ich nur 2 katzenbilder dabeihabe, irgendwann werde ich mehr laden. hoffe, du warst nicht zu müde heute.

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