try to act "normal" for 1 or 2 hours now
2008-12-02 03:38:01 ET

just cleaned up my kitchen a little bit. it looked like i´m totally insame. now i go out a little bit, sun is shining. will fetch some vitamines for my cats by the petdoctor. so they will be 20 years, i hope.
i often heard about cats in the age of 18 or so. mine are 12 and 13, so i hope everyday, they´ll still healthy.

2008-12-02 04:16:49 ET

Kitty! I love cats.

2008-12-02 04:55:07 ET

i love cats too ^_^

2008-12-02 05:11:40 ET

turbo, but you haven´t got any animals(except that in your tr...ähem)

2008-12-02 05:28:17 ET


my roommate has a cat...and i used to have a cat of my own, but my ex stole it ):

2008-12-02 05:40:05 ET

what´s the name of your roommates cat, and what kind of cat was yours and it´s name? i´m sorry for that, i mean that your ex took it away. is the cat in your room, too?

2008-12-02 05:57:33 ET

the cat sort of runs around the apartment a lot...ha...she's very young and her name is tuna. she's black and white.

my cat that i had was grey and brownish gold...her name was samus.

2008-12-02 06:32:21 ET

two girls, like my old ladies, but they play like young ones sometimes. i had a black and white when was 13, his name was felix, but he was an outdoorcat and so he dissapeared one day

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