hamburg, weŽll come
2008-12-06 01:12:21 ET

i booked a room in this rocknŽroll-hotel for the weekend after christmas!normally we cannot afford, but i hope iŽll get as much money from my father as every year.
i wanted the room "punk royal", but we got the "wedding suite", this is not so romantic how it sounds, because itŽs a crazy hotel and this is an anti-weddingsuite! with some wood in the middle of the bed and pics of liz taylor and so on...
but i think weŽll have fun there!

2008-12-06 04:38:02 ET

haha...sounds like a fun time

2008-12-06 07:38:35 ET

Lars has wood in the middle of the bed.

2008-12-06 11:28:20 ET

hahaha! Have fun!! :)

2008-12-06 15:26:29 ET

ruminant speaks the truth |-:

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