sunday evening...
2008-12-07 11:37:38 ET

today we had been on a brunch at carstens ex. i tried to be straight edge, cause i was with carsten, but there was prosecco, i couldnīt stand without. and so i was drunken in the middle of the day, but itīs okay, i still feel fine, and c. plays my guitar,, heīs so tolerant, also heīs straight edge since 13 year; but i asked him today, if i could drink, and he said yeah!

2008-12-07 16:57:45 ET

A small amount of alcohol never did much harm. Besides, aren't you German? You HAVE to drink! I'm part Irish, so I HAVE to drink too! As long as you don't go overboard, you might as well have a good time!

2008-12-07 23:27:15 ET

yes, and i had much fun, with the ladies!

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