strange feeling
2008-12-21 21:43:46 ET

oh god, iīm puking the whole morning! tomorrow i have a date with my gyn.
i just make a face- mask (thermo) itīs warm on my skin, thatīs crazy!

2008-12-22 03:23:07 ET

it's been cooold here too >_<

2008-12-22 20:53:53 ET

awh i hope you feel better.

2008-12-22 21:29:09 ET

yeah, this morning is better, i waked up two hours ago and wasnīt puking till now. iīm at you tube now and loaded down a video of sonic youth for my page on myspace, that should have been done from beginning, but better late than never. sonic youth was the first band i added, they put a lot on my blog, itīs nearly full!
iīll love them for ever! and since more than 10 years.
one time i nearly had seen them live on a festival. but they played on sunday evening and i was nerved by all the mainstraim ppl there, who plaed loud bad music on their tends and it was raining all the time, so we drived home on sunday morning.
next time i will try to get a ticket only for the day of my favoured band, or better go to a special sonic youth gig

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