merry christmas for you all!
2008-12-23 23:42:14 ET

sk is my best christmasgift this year! i love you all!

yesterday i was at my gyn, he couldnt see anything, but i have to go for bloodtest on monday. it could be a tubal pragnancy, or a gastric ulcer, or a phantom pragnancy, i donīt know and wait for monday/tuesday when bloodtest will be done.
better would be, iīm not pregnant, cause i took carbamazepin and an antidepressivum, but the baby could be healthy.
we will see...

2008-12-24 01:19:24 ET

good luck with whatever the outcome is <3

2008-12-24 03:40:00 ET


2008-12-24 07:40:46 ET

good luck & merry christmas darlin!

2008-12-24 11:54:26 ET

good luck yo

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