where is everybody? (NIN)
2009-01-01 22:38:40 ET

none of my buddies is online, im boring!
it snows a lot!

2009-01-02 10:24:32 ET

snow is fun sometimes and tedious others

2009-01-04 04:11:39 ET

i have that alot, no one is on. cept lars, i think he syncs his online persona with stalking mine.

2009-01-04 04:16:41 ET

well, yeah.

2009-01-04 04:26:46 ET

i knew it!

2009-01-04 05:09:39 ET

i think he has a klon!

2009-01-04 05:30:20 ET

but does he have a klondike bar!

2009-01-04 05:40:10 ET

do you mean dick? i think so

2009-01-04 05:59:56 ET

ohnoes! :shifty eyes:

2009-01-04 10:11:44 ET

klondike bar, its this vanilla ice cream square covered in a thin choclate shell. in america, they do these silly commericals about, What would you do for a klondike bar? and its always silly, so... i have no idea what my point of saying that, i think its cuz u said klon and thats the first thing i thought of...

2009-01-04 15:47:15 ET

and you also love the cock

2009-01-04 18:00:56 ET

yes yes lars, i love the cock.

2009-01-05 02:28:27 ET


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