2009-01-02 10:19:46 ET

yesterday evening iīve stolen a lamp outside from a working place and then the post with the (p)icknick, i think i had fever!!

2009-01-02 11:17:00 ET

lol, silly. :]

2009-01-02 12:13:45 ET

one time a friend of mine stole a lamp from a yard sale only to discover that it would occasionally turn on by itself. this was followed by a series of unexplained events around the home: dishes mysteriously broken, unidentifiable smells of unknown origin and an odd clicking noise. she thought it was haunted so she put it on the sidewalk in front of her house and the next day it was gone.

2009-01-02 12:33:26 ET

OMG! handle, you make me anxious!!! itīs only a lamp, i hope! if there is any noise tonight, i will bring it back soon!
i think i should do it before to go to bed, dressed all in black like a ninja, and take a can with me...

2009-01-02 22:04:09 ET

ghost lamp!!!

2009-01-02 23:31:36 ET

nothing happened over night, but i had a fear, when the neighbor-daughter came home late with her boyfriend and had sex or something like that next behind my door!(the door is with glass!)
now the light is weak.

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