good morning
2009-01-06 01:35:22 ET

today i wanted to reach my father, but then i talked with my sisters daughter a long time, that was nice. shes a nice teenie, i like the kids of my sisters much.
sun is shining, ill have a little walk soon.

2009-01-06 01:36:21 ET

goodmorning! i have yet to go to bed, so i dont deserve a goodmorning back..just a good night. If I even go to bed today.

2009-01-06 01:37:56 ET

have a good night, if you go to bed or not!

2009-01-06 02:03:03 ET

its technically morning (4am) here...haha

2009-01-06 05:24:11 ET

i know! im always thinking what time it is in la.
when do you sleep, man?

2009-01-06 05:27:16 ET

haha...during the day lately x_x
and not very well. meh. i need to get a job...or some source of income.

2009-01-06 05:29:13 ET

beer doesnt help?

2009-01-06 05:31:35 ET

heh alcohol does nothing for me...

2009-01-06 05:34:21 ET

but you like it?

2009-01-06 05:39:52 ET

i like the taste of it usually - depends on what it is in (:

2009-01-06 05:43:53 ET

im just drinking cola-beer.

2009-01-06 06:02:58 ET

hmmm i've never had that but it sounds good

2009-01-06 08:12:18 ET

yeah, it is! and is not so much alcohol

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