not a bad day
2009-01-10 02:48:34 ET

today is the 4th day of death of my mother. she died with 66 on a heartattack. but it doesnŽt make me so sad anymore.
and soon iŽll be tattoed by carsten, a gun on my left arm/shoulder.
i watched a berlin tv station today, there was a countryband named bosshoss, they are cool. a few years ago i didnŽt like country, but taste changes often in life. there is a braunschweiger countryband named twang, they are cool, too.
sun is shining!

2009-01-11 04:00:58 ET

i like older style country...just much of the new radio pop country crap i don't like.

i met someone who's from berlin originally who lives in seattle today (as i'm visiting up in seattle again) - he wants to visit l.a. sometime now (:

2009-01-11 07:17:35 ET

cool! to met new ppl is every time exciting!

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