2009-01-13 05:02:55 ET

i got my piercing on the eyebrow! it looks good!
the piercer was a very clean and calm man, so i had no fear and it doesn´t hurt so much
will take pics in the next days

2009-01-13 05:04:56 ET

awesome (:

2009-01-13 05:06:15 ET

your new page is awesome!! :)

2009-01-13 05:08:21 ET

well thanks (:

2009-01-13 06:24:09 ET

hoorah! i too have my eyebrow pierced

2009-01-13 07:33:13 ET

cool! and we both have cats, and love dogs, and...

2009-01-13 11:56:08 ET

we are also both german

you more so than me, obviously, but yea!

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